Our client is a value-oriented airline that is consistently focused on innovation at all stages of its customers' travel experience. The company wants to make air travel affordable for people from Central and Eastern European countries and also provide a new travel experience for all travelers in the EU. Do you have a motivated personality with strong administrative skills and an independent way of working? Then take your chance and apply now!
Administrative Assistant - Karenzvertretung (m/f/d)
2320 Schwechat
The ideal candidate for this role will be responsible for a wide range of administrative duties to support the crew at their base. This encompasses handling HR-related issues such as onboarding new employees, managing exits, distributing and collecting paper contracts, processing them, and maintaining records of tests/upgrades, as well as documenting meeting minutes and warnings. The role requires ensuring efficient communication flows between Cabin Crews (CCs) and Base Managers (BM), Flight Crew (FC) and Flight Operations Crew Managers (FOCM), as well as between BM and/or FOCM and other involved parties.

Additionally, the candidate will manage incoming and outgoing post, including documents from CCs and FCs directed to BM/Associated BM (ABM)/FOCM or other relevant parties. This involves sending posts to the headquarters in Budapest or other bases as requested. The role also includes collecting and verifying expense and travel claims, unpaid leave request forms, and sick leave paperwork at their base.

Maintaining office supply inventory and equipment, managing company benefits, and handling parking cards/transportation allowances at the base are also key responsibilities. The candidate will keep the base guide up to date, organize shredding according to company needs, and manage Cabin Operation forms filled in and signed during duty, including Lost/Damage/ Injury/Illness, FW/ FDIR/HIGH Value forms.

Ensuring the storage of Flight Operations flight envelopes at the base office for a minimum of three months post-flight and their destruction after this period by contracted companies is crucial. Additionally, the candidate will follow up on flight crew related delay codes and report on-time performance to the FOCM. Finally, they will oversee the distribution of uniforms and manage any related complaints, ensuring all tasks are executed with precision and efficiency to support the seamless operation of the crew and flight operations.
The ideal candidate for this position should possess a detailed understanding of the safety principles associated with aircraft operating processes and procedures, ensuring the highest levels of safety and compliance at all times. A comprehensive grasp of the department's operating policies, procedures, and processes is also essential, as this knowledge will be pivotal in executing daily responsibilities effectively.

We are looking for an individual with exceptional communication and organizational skills, capable of articulating ideas clearly and organizing tasks efficiently to meet the dynamic needs of the aviation environment. The ability to solve problems creatively and manage time effectively is crucial, as these skills will directly impact the efficiency and quality of work performed.

Proficiency in English, both written and spoken, is a requirement for this role, enabling effective communication within a diverse and global team. Computer literacy is also essential, with the candidate needing to demonstrate competence in MS Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to handle various administrative tasks and communications efficiently.

An excellent work performance and attitude are non-negotiable, as the role demands a high level of professionalism and dedication. Previous office-related work experience will be considered an advantage, providing the candidate with foundational skills necessary for this position.

Preferably, we are seeking someone who has previously worked for an airline and is familiar with the tasks and responsibilities associated with this role. This experience will be invaluable, allowing for a smoother transition and quicker adaptation to the specific demands and challenges of the aviation industry.
This exciting position offers a gross monthly salary from EUR 2369.18 for 40 hours. The actual salary will depend on your qualifications, experience and preference.

Dienstzeit: 40 Stunden/Woche
Dienstort: Schwechat, 2320
Dienstbeginn: ab sofort bis August 2025
This exciting position offers a gross monthly salary from EUR 2369.18 for 40 hours. The actual salary will depend on your qualifications, experience and preference.
Elen Doerre
Wien Office SME Mariahilferstrasse 123/6 1060 Wien +43 5 9911 20600 wien.160@adecco.at